Privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

"Accessories online store Fuligo" provides minimum personal information to be able to use the user with confidence.

"Accessories online store Fuligo" is the most attention to the protection of personal information provided.

The concept of personal information protection of "Accessories online store Fuligo" is as follows.

• We use information and organizations registered by members and organizations and corporation information only to develop and provide state-of-the-art functions and services in "Accessories online store Fuligo" and protect member personal information I will pay close attention to.

• The scope of application of this privacy policy is only the service provided by "Accessories online store Fuligo". (The range is below, as specified in paragraph 1)

• Except as specified in this term, it does not use other than the purpose. (The purpose is described below, specified in paragraph 2)

• Do not disclose to third parties except when specified in this Agreement. (Management is below, specified in paragraph 2)

• Periodically manage proper management in the method specified in the Terms of Use.

• "Accessories online store Fuligo" can be changed without permission of the user and can change the privacy policy.

• "Accessories online store Fuligo" changes the contents of personal information acquisition contents and change of use, etc., notification of our website so that users can know their contents Publish and notify this privacy policy.

1. The scope of the "Accessories online store Fuligo" Privacy Policy Applies to the Privacy Policy

• The concept of the privacy policy of "Accessories online store Fuligo" applies when the member uses the service of "Accessories online store Fuligo".

• Personal information collected when the member is used to use the service of "Accessories online store Fuligo" is managed according to the concept of personal information protection in "Fuligo".

• The personal information protection idea of ​​"Accessories online store Fuligo" is only a service that is directly provided by "Accessories online store Fuligo", and other organizations and companies connected by links etc. are scoped It will be outside.

• The use of the service of "Accessories online store Fuligo" will be conducted at the user's responsibility.

• With regard to all damages caused by the use of various information obtained from our website and other homepages where the link is set on our website, "Accessories online store Fuligo" is not responsible.

2. Collection and use of personal information of "Accessories online store Fuligo"

"Accessories online store Fuligo" requires some personal information about members to develop and provide our members to members of our leading features and services.

• Please manage the ID / password of the shop at the user's own risk. -The password is changed regularly, and it is recommended to avoid names, date of birth, and phone numbers that others are likely to be analogy.
-In again, please do not disclose, lend or transfer even if it is an acquaintance, a friend, etc.
-Since you do not write a password for email and Q & A on our website.

• The collected personal information is used only for the limit necessary to provide the service of "Accessories online store Fuligo" and does not provide any third party except in the following cases.

• If there is a member's consent
-When sending an email to seek consent about the use of personal information from members-when disclosed at a limit necessary for companies (for example, business consignee), etc. with our company
-In the case of Send an E-mail, Direct Mail for Advertising Advertising, such as our business partners, etc. for members
- "Accessories online store Fuligo" is "Accessories online store Fuligo" policy, announcement," accessories mail order FULIGO [FORIGO] Terms of service, etc., other members If it is deemed necessary to protect third parties or our rights, our rights and property
-If you request disclosure of personal information according to the provisions of other laws such as the court, administrative agency, etc., or if it is necessary to eliminate criminal information, eliminate the right of infringement for third parties, or otherwise. Members shall be informed with us in advance by using them in the way they define personal information.

• Also, in the following in case of "accessories mail order FULIGO [Fourigo]", we may share personal information of our business partner and member.
-The business reasons such as special services for members. In this case, you will not be able to agree to the member before providing information, and do not provide without consent.
-If the statistical material creation, market research, data analysis, etc. are performed. In this case, we will provide only information processed so that specific individuals can not be determined.

3. Contact
If you have any questions about the concept of personal information shown here, please contact us by email.

Personal information management charge: Narita Yasuyuki